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Hey thanks for stopping by!


I think I have always had a love for radio and the voices on it.

As a young boy I played contests all the time and I even won a create a commercial contest in the late '80's with CHTN and thought it would be a great job.

Shortly after co-hosting a 1 hour lunch-time stint, I began to offer to work behind the scenes, actually answering phones for Gerard and then my career really started to take off.

In junior high and high school life while I was working and going to school I was followed by a camera crew for a story about me that was even featured on CTV and YTV News *(must have been a slow news week!).


I'm a proud member and Deputy Director of CASARA PEI. CASARA is Civil Air Search and Rescue.

When not in the studio, I spend time making memories with my amazing wife. We live in North Wiltshire with our 2 boys Emerson and Montgomery.

Now some random facts about me...based on questions from listeners over the years.


I can't sing. Or dance. But I like to pretending that I can do both.

I can play one song on piano (The Final Countdown) thanks Liam.

I want to learn how to play harmonica. I have one and an instruction book, just haven't got the hang of it yet.

I like a good cup of tea (with milk!)
I use exclamations a lot when I type, I think its to try and make it look like how I would express it.

I've tried to grow a beard, but can't take the scratchy feeling. My best attempt was during vacation a few years ago, 8 days-but shaved it for my mom's funeral.

I had a chance to fly in (and take control of) a CF18 over P.E.I. in August 2011. Pics are here.

In the last 2 years, I've been nominated 2x for National Industry Awards at Canadian Music Week held in Toronto! 

And I love pens! It's pretty simple. You have company pens or pencils so let's make this happen. Just mail me some of your company pens (with your business name on it.) In return, I'll mention your business as a “Thank You” when I use it!

Corey Needs Pens
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